Osoyoos senior WINS BIG at Osoyoos Buy-Low Foods

Coyotes captain Daniel Stone shows he can be a bit of a softy as he gets a kiss from Joanne Patterson after scoring $669.10 in free groceries for the Osoyoos senior in Buy-Low's WIN BIG shopping spree promotion.

Coyote Daniel Stone honed his supermarket skating skills as a five-year-old growing up in Calgary.

He put those skills to good use this morning on behalf of Osoyoos resident Joanne Patterson, the winner of a $500 shopping spree compliments of Osoyoos Buy-Low Foods.

“It was a lot of fun, being able to run through a grocery store at full speed,” said Daniel moments after taking the store for $669.10 in groceries. “I haven’t done that since I was five. I’d get bored shopping with my parents so I’d just go run around.”

Cashier Genevieve Evans rings through the groceries a racing Daniel Stone scored for Osoyoos resident Joanne Patterson this morning at Osoyoos Buy-Low Foods.

On instruction from Coach Patterson, the Coyote captain headed straight for the meat department, where he quickly filled his cart with roasts, steaks and other juicy cuts.

He also nabbed some cheese.

“We shop here all the time so it was really nice,” said Joanne of the experience. An Osoyoos transplant — she moved here from Northern Alberta with her husband in 2012 — she was eager to allow Daniel to run for her when the option was offered.

“I told them I couldn’t run and they asked me if I would like one of the hockey players to run for me instead,” she laughed. “And I said absolutely.”

Although the 60-second shopping spree had a $500 limit, manager Brian Fry was in a generous mood and waived the total as it neared the limit.

The shopping spree was one of the big prizes in Buy-Low Foods WIN BIG promotion, which offered up to $500,000 in prizes and discounts.

Last year, another Coyote captain, Rainer Glimpel, also scored at the supermarket, assisting Osoyoos shopper Kay Patterson — no relation to Joanne.



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