Osoyoos, you now have a Starbuds franchise — sort of

A Canadian company that promotes itself as providing medical marijuana access centres is scheduled to open its doors Wednesday morning in Osoyoos.

But according to the Town of Osoyoos, Starbuds will not be selling any of the green stuff — at least not just yet.

“They’re opening as a vape shop,” said Neil Pagett, the Town’s senior building inspector.

“They took out a building permit to alter the space and they’ve applied for the business license, but all of the conditions of the permits and the business license will be that there can be no marijuana product anywhere on the site — handled, stored, sold, given away, anything.”

According to its website, the Osoyoos location of Starbuds is scheduled to open on June 15 in the Cottonwood Mall, between Beyond Beauty and FYI Doctors, as a franchise location.

The company says the Osoyoos location is one of “several locations currently being opened by the Starbuds Canada Inc. group of companies.”

The access centres purport to assist medical marijuana patients find the access they need without the hassles of Medical Marijuana Dispensary politics.

“Starbuds Canada Medical marijuana access centers are very strictly operated with a defined set of rules that ensure the best possible service throughout our locations,” the company said in a website release.

“Strict rules and regulations allow our medical marijuana patients to acquire [their] medicine in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.”

The Town, however, still view marijuana sales of any kind as illegal.

“We’re still not allowed to have retail sales of any marijuana product in the Town of Osoyoos,” said Mr. Pagett. “That may change, but [right now] it’s still illegal as far as we’re concerned.”

He suggests Starbuds is expecting federal legislation that will make marijuana use legal.

“They’re sort of gambling on the changes coming. We’ve fully explained to them that there’s going to be no marijuana sales until its a permitted use. And even when it is a permitted use and legal, we’re going to zone them.

The Starbuds Osoyoos location will be managed by Grant Bruce.

Osoyoos Daily News was unsuccessful in attempts to reach Mr. Bruce or others within the Starbuds chain.

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