Rising lake yet another reason
to come visit Osoyoos

Flooding is so bad in Osoyoos that this gorup of Buy Low Food employees didn't enjoy their Canada Heart & Stroke Foundation ride Wednesday afternoon.

Andrew Stuckey

To family, friends and others wondering just what’s going on out here in the South Okanagan: no, we’re not underwater and yes, it’s still worth coming for a visit.

While you might be reading elsewhere that Osoyoos is dealing with a state of emergency — and left with the impression the entire town is bailing furiously just to survive  — life in the community with Canada’s warmest welcome is pretty much business as usual.

I read this morning of a dam bursting in Kenya following torrential rains. Homes, buildings — including a primary school — and power lines were swept away. At least 32 people are dead.

That’s a flood. A disaster.

What the South Okanagan is experiencing right now — except for an unfortunate few whose properties are feeling the effects of rising water — is an inconvenience.

A major inconvenience, to be sure, but nothing that is going to threaten life or limb — at least not for anyone with a little common sense.

It’s warm, sunny and we should be putting boats in water and starting to think about tanning on our beaches.

Instead, we’re helping our waterfront neighbours with sandbagging and sharing lemonade, pondering games of golf or doing a little cycling, playing tennis and tossing around softballs.

Our roads and highways are not impassable; our trails — even most of those along the waterfront — are safe and intact.

We’re still watering our lawns, growing our gardens and trimming our trees.

The grapes are growing, the cherries blossoming.

So, excuse us if we twitch a bit, the memory of unfairly being renamed the “Smokanagan” still fresh in our minds following provincial wildfires last year.

We don’t want you to start rethinking your travel plans just because Osoyoos Lake is doing a little spring cleaning.

We’re expecting temperatures to reach 30 this weekend and there’s still plenty of grass — even along the lakeshore — where you can stretch out and work on your tan.

And we’re keen to share our golf courses, trails and even our pickleball courts with you. Our shops, resorts, hotels and many attractions are open for business.

And don’t forget about all our amazing wineries and other spirits.

Don’t believe me — come see for yourself. Bring your video camera.

It is a bit odd to see Osoyoos Lake with water this high, but, hey, that could be part of the fun, right?

Golf. Wine touring. Lake-watching.

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me.


  1. Well said Andrew. Indeed some homes/properties need to be sandbagged to keep the lake out, and many of us are trying to help keep homes dry but the little Town of O is definitely still open to enjoy.


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