To coin an old phrase, a bad morning’s sailing is better than a good day behind the lawn mower.

After all, there’s always the afternoon.

After scrubbing much of its regatta competition Friday afternoon and yesterday morning because of poor wind conditions, the Lake Osoyoos Sailing Club finally caught a breeze and sent boats on to the water to race three times Saturday afternoon.

With a bit of chop on the water this morning, the club will try again to resolve the North American Sea Spray championships and two-day X-class regatta.

Racing on Osoyoos Lake just off 87 Street is expected to be underway mid-morning. The last race is scheduled for between 12:30 and 1 p.m.

Normally, the club hosts an open invitational regatta. This year, however, the club’s executive wanted to give its membership a greater opportunity to participate in the racing.

It plans to return to its open invitational format next season.