Sign corrections expected next week

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The Town of Osoyoos’ “work in progress” welcomes signs should be a little easier to read next week following a visit by the Victoria-base contractor responsible for their design and placement.

“We’ve been in contact with the sign company. They’ll be here next week to put a more contrasting colour on to give it better highlight,” said Barry Romanko, the Town’s CAO.

Like many others, he noticed the lack of contrast between the sign’s background and its messaging when Landmark Signs first erected them in mid-May.

The sign’s design called for the Town’s branding to be imposed on a dark blue background and the same dark blue to be used for the “Canada’s Warmest Welcome” tagline on a light-coloured “natural materials” base.

Instead, the placed signage uses a dark cyan colour for both the background and tagline colouring.

Mr. Romanko said the Town has also contracted with and paid FortisBC to provide power to the signs.

“We’re still waiting for Fortis to come to bring power to the site.,” he said. “We’ve paid for it, but we don’t know when Fortis is coming. We can’t get the signs backlight functional until the power is there.”

The signs would be landscaped “probably this fall . . . once it gets a little quieter.”

All four signs are in place at various entries to the community — including atop Anarchist Mountain at the west-facing rest stop, on Hwy. 3 west of Osoyoos at 115 St and on Hwy. 97 north and south of the community.

The signs come at a cost of $146,276. Funding for the project was provided through the provincial Resort Municipality Initiative program.



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