Welcome to summer, Osoyoos.

Because of 2016 being a leap year, it comes a day early — June 20 this year rather than the standard June 21.

What’s also unique about this day is a full moon will extend the light-time sky in our community. The moon rises this evening just after 9 p.m. We’ll see about 99.8% of the moon’s face until it sets at about 6:20 Tuesday morning.

For photographers looking for the perfect place to set up in order to capture the moon, it’ll come up southwest of Anarchist Mountain.

A more dramatic image will be available early Tuesday morning when the moon sets southwest of the community. From the Anarchist Mountain lookout, the panorama will include the moon over the Cascade Mountains with Osoyoos in the foreground.

The summer solstice, by the way, doesn’t necessarily start when the sun comes up.  It is defined as the exact moment when the Earth’s North Pole is most tilted toward the sun.

That happens every 365.25 days. Because our calendar is just 365 days, with every fourth year 366 days, the exact time of the alignment varies.

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