Town on the road to RV parking
in east-end boat trailer lot

The Town of Osoyoos moved forward Monday with a plan to make space in one of its boat trailer parking lot for recreational vehicles and other trailers.

And, at least for the time being, Council left on-street parking for RVs off the table.

Osoyoos Council gave three readings to a bylaw amendment that would allow recreational vehicles and motorhomes to park in the Harbour Key Drive lot for up to seven days and utility trailers to park during the duration of an event in which their owners were participating.

A report from Janette Van Vianen, the Town’s Director of Corporate Services, suggested five or six stalls in the west end of the parking lot would be set aside for motorhomes.

The decision follows conversation in mid-May that followed information from CAO Barry Romanko that some residents were requesting overnight parking space for visiting relatives.

“There have . . . been requests from residents who have family passing through and will be staying in their home but need to park their RV somewhere during their stay,” he explained.

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of on-street RV parking

Ms. Van Vianen amplified that request Monday with news several residents were already wanting to make reservations.

“Staff currently have two requests for parking of RVs in town during the month of August and are needing to respond either yes or no to the request as soon as possible,” she explained.

Coun. CJ Rhodes wondered about the ability of an extra-long motorhome to navigate a tight boat trailer parking lot.

“During July and August, those lots are full of boat trailers,” he said. “I think at one time we peaked at about 180 units in there. How would they get in or out of there?”

He also wanted to make sure staff only allowed “unoccupied” units to remain overnight.

“It’s not an RV park,” he said.

Ms. Van Vianen said the stalls would include signs that indicated overnight camping was prohibited.

“That would be a requirement of the permit,” she told Council. “The gates lock between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., so they wouldn’t be able to get in and out and when we open it up, we’d know that they were camping in there.”

Council did not address a second recommendation that would allow motorhomes to be parked on town streets for up to 24 hours without a permit and for longer periods of time with a permit.


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