We want to see your OSS photos — and so does the Premier

Osoyoos Secondary School grads, students, proud parents and others:

We want to see your photos from your amazing years at Osoyoos Secondary School. If you’ll share them with us, we’ll add them to a gallery we’re planning to introduce next week and will update from there. Email your photos to publisher@starnorth.ca

Let’s build an online record of what OSS means to Osoyoos.

We’re also quite sure Premier Christy Clark, Education minister Mike Bernier and MLA Linda Larson want to see how much Osoyoos Secondary has meant to students, parents and the communities over the last 36 years. So, we’ve included their email addresses — as well as those of Okanagan Similkameen School District trustees and administrators — so you can share your memories with them as well.

Feel free to include commentary as appropriate.

Copy and paste the following email list into your email application. Optionally, it is considered good manners to include lists such as these in the BCC field.

mtarr@sd53.bc.ca shancheroff@sd53.bc.ca mcoates@sd53.bc.ca dmarten@sd53.bc.ca rzandee@sd53.bc.ca rallenbr@sd53.bc.ca jharrington@sd53.bc.ca byoung@sd53.bc.ca Linda.larson.MLA@leg.bc.ca premier@gov.bc.ca mike.bernier.MLA@leg.bc.ca rob.fleming.MLA@leg.bc.ca

We’ve included NDP member Rob Fleming’s email address as well. It would be exciting to have him able to share hundreds of your photos in the Legislature.



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