Yotes off to Princeton for annual
pre-Christmas school classic

Cue the Percy Faith Theme From a Summer Place background music.

Let it waft over you for a few moments as you close your eyes and imagine yourself on the serene stress-free drive along Hwy. 3 for Osoyoos to Princeton.

Then listen for the screech of the needle being dragged mercilessly across the vinyl as you arrive.

Welcome to Death Valley — aka the Princeton & District Arena — where today hundreds of schoolchildren will be in the throng to watch their host Princeton Posse take on the Osoyoos Coyotes.

The annual pre-Christmas school game has proven to be very good to the Posse. The team has won four of six since 2011 when the club first played the early-afternoon contest.

The only team to best them thus far is the Coyotes, who are two and two in the series, including a 3-0 win last year.

This year’s game is more than just a little entertainment for school-aged children.

The Coyotes will be looking to move into first place in the tough Okanagan division and put a little more space between themselves and third-place Princeton.

So, if you’re up for that early-December drive to Princeton — just an hour and a bit away — today’s contest goes at noon.

Percy Faith would be happy to join you. Just expect to find Guns n Roses — they of Welcome to the Jungle fame — in the back seat.



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