Imagination fuels youthfulness and longevity

By Yinet Gonzalez Gomez
Yoga Teacher at Mindful Studios+

Imagination. Such an essential quality for youthfulness and longevity.

Yet we as adults totally neglect our ability to envision, imagine and create from this space of open possibilities. We take everything so seriously, seeking perfection and treating everything as an accomplishment.

Even in the yoga world, you see so many serious faces; so much pushing into poses, so much desire to get the pose “right.”

With that mentality, we forget to actually enjoy the practice, we push our limits and when we can’t get into a pose the same degree as the person next to us we feel let down by our body and we hear our self-judgement little voice repeating over and over how bad we are at yoga.

This becomes a great excuse to stop practicing, also a great excuse to beat ourselves up.

But here’s the thing, our bodies are all different. The shape of our bones are all different. The elasticity of our connective tissue is different. At least when it comes to yoga, there is no being good or bad. The yoga practice is an exploration, a way to connect with your own body.

Getting familiar with your range of motion and moving accordingly can create ease in your experience. Curiosity is key to this exploration. Treat the practice as play and keep it fun, breaking the negativity bias. This becomes the bridge to embracing your uniqueness.

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