BC’s New Democrats routinely take the provincial Liberal government to task over the high cost of living in British Columbia. Now the party has added the increasing cost of outdoor family fun to the complaint.

“Christy Clark raised B.C. Parks camping fees yet again this year, and families have never had so much trouble booking a spot for a vacation,” said NDP Leader John Horgan, speaking from Okanagan Lake Provincial Park, where camping fees went up more than 16 percent just last year.

“The Christy Clark government is making it harder and harder to enjoy the beautiful campgrounds British Columbians have already paid for with their taxes, and I say it’s time to let B.C. camp,” Mr. Horgan said.

Mr. Horgan is scheduled to be in Osoyoos Saturday morning.

He suggested BC families struggling to make ends meet might find some solace in an affordable weekend gateway. Sadly, he said, that’s not the case.

“After a decade and a half of rising costs and stagnant wages under the B.C. Liberal government, families need access to affordable vacations more than ever. Yet it’s never been more difficult to secure a campsite at B.C. Parks.”

Mr. Horgan said since 2001 the B.C. Liberals have closed more than 3,000 drive-in camp sites and reduced camping seasons at 45 B.C. Parks campgrounds.

“Whether it’s camping fees, Hydro bills, ICBC rates or medical premiums, British Columbians are paying more and getting less from the Christy Clark government,” said Mr. Horgan.


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