Parents rally online to support Osoyoos schools

A small group of Osoyoos parents is hoping to make a big impact on an impending decision on the fate of two schools in the community.

And, it appears, they’ll be getting help from Osoyoos political leaders.

Brenda Dorosz of Osoyoos took it upon herself to form the Save Our Schools committee when it appeared, as she puts it, like nobody else was taking a lead role in developing an action plan to resolve the issue.

Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff and councilors Mike Campol and Jim King were recruited to the committee and will join SD53 trustee June Harrington, RDOS chair Mark Pendergraft and local PAC chairs Michelle Nehring and Amy Robinson. Several Osoyoos parents are also expected to join the committee.

The committee has delivered a letter to the Okanagan-Similkameen School District asking for clarification on issues found with the district’s Facilities Plan.

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A Facebook group — Save Osoyoos Secondary/Elementary Schools — currently has 440 members and provides a forum for Osoyoos parents and other residents to gather information on the OSSD proposal to close either Osoyoos Elementary or Osoyoos Secondary School as part of a budget-balancing exercise.

The Public Group page also provides an opportunity for users to comment on the issue.

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Meanwhile, parents Lisa Fredericks and Allison Baskett have created a petition to be delivered to the SD53 board and the B.C. Minister of Education. Over five days, the Save Osoyoos Elementary and Secondary Schools petition has gathered more than 920 names.

If you’re engaged in an effort to provide information on the Osoyoos schools issue, please comment below or email the publisher.


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