Grandson laments loss of Haynes house

As a great grandson of John Haynes, I was disappointed to hear of the pending demolition of the Haynes house in Osoyoos, although at this late stage in the house’s history I don’t know what one could have done to prevent it.

Anybody interested in seeing it preserved — I include myself in this group — would have had to be able to raise the money, the political will and the community interest to do so.  It’s nobody’s fault that it didn’t happen; the same could be said about many historical landmarks in this country, which meet the same fate.

When the story broke, a commentator asked if we needed to save every structure of a similar age in BC.  No, we don’t, but a building as central to the history of the Okanagan does indeed deserve special consideration, I think.  When it slips through our fingers it should make us more attentive to other pieces of our history that are also vulnerable to disappearing.

Oh well.  Next time.

Michael Dezell
Vancouver, BC


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