By Melanie Eksal
Special to OsoyoosToday

Hundreds stormed Area 27 Thursday morning to catch a glimpse of something exotic: luxury sports cars racing at top speeds.

The Okanagan Similkameen Neurological Society’s (OSNS) inaugural Cars for a Cause event was jam-packed only an hour after the event had officially kicked off, with many spectators lining the fence to watch cars – some which aren’t even street legal in the country – race around the track near Oliver.

And other lucky spectators purchased a behind-the-wheel perspective to co-pilot of one of the cars.

And that’s why, for owner and driver Gord Lindsay, it was a great opportunity to unveil his lime-green Lucra, which was custom-made for the Area 27 track.

“I love our cause,” he said of the day’s event. “This will be an ongoing cause, it’s going to happen over the next, well, as long as the track is open, I’m sure.”

Mr. Lindsay said he’s hit dizzying speeds in the Lucra – which goes over 350 kilometres an hour – but was taking his co-pilots for a much safer ride.

“We’ll be going fast enough!” he said with a laugh.

And for co-pilot Meg Valliere, the experience was one to check off her bucket list.

“I just chose whatever was left, and the Viper was already gone,” she said. “I need a full-face helmet to go in this one!”

Mrs. Valliere wasn’t nervous, she said, but very excited.

Her husband, she added, was gearing up to take a ride in a Corvette, and the hope was to race along the track together.

“I’m glad the money is going to OSNS,” she said.

OSNS executive director Manisha Willms said while no exact number can be put on how much money has been raised so far from the event, approximately $33,000 alone was collected from ticket sales.

“We’re just so overwhelmed, again, by the support of the South Okanagan,” she said. “It’s just a win right out of the gate.

“We have a facility that’s always in need of upgrades and materials. Things like that cost money – they may not be the most exciting thing all the time, but we want to have the best space we can.”


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