Rise and shine, Osoyoos — It’s Friday, April 29

ODN_rise_and_shine_page_headerGood morning, Osoyoos, it’s Friday, April 29. Here’s what you need to know to get your day going.

Osoyoos weather: Cloudy with showers today, with a high of just 17. Clearing overnight. Sunset tonight at 8:46; sunrise tomorrow morning at 5:40.

If this doesn’t warm your heart, I’m not sure what will: Osoyoos Secondary students deliver a giant thank you card to the community.

Do you own a food truck? Hot dog stand? Want to make a few extra bucks this summer? Osoyoos is looking for you.

Well, how about that, a school district’s board can stand up to the Province — not just complain about it. Kudos to the Vancouver Public Board for having the cajones to do so.

I’m sorry, but this bear was doing what any of us would do when we want to get even with some inanimate object that had just hurt us.

Even though some of her biggest financial backers are questioning her top-up pay, Premier Christy Clark is shrugging off reports of the top-up pay she receives from the Liberal Party. We have just one question to ask Ms. Clark: has your party made living in BC so expensive that even you don’t make enough money to live here?

Two Toronto teens were kidnaped by a rival gang and forced to play Russian roulette, police say.

Here’s a good news story involving a nine-year-old girl and her three dogs, missing overnight in Northern Alberta.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in a no-media stop at a Manitoba reserve that has no access to clean drinking water — except for what it can haul. The PM did a little of that, apparently.

Only in the U.S. could this happen: police in Baltimore shoot a man dressed in a panda costume after a bomb threat. Film at 11.

Why go for the cash, when you could holding the bag? That appears to be what thieves were thinking in Paris this morning when they used a vehicle to smash into an upscale Chanel store.

The fate of up to 13 people aboard a helicopter that crashed just off Norway’s coast early this morning is unknown.

And finally, kudos to our good friend Richard McGuire, reporter at the Osoyoos Times. A photo he took in New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns is now a U.S. postal stamp.

Have a great weekend, Osoyoos. Enjoy our amazing outdoors and remember to take your camera with you. You’re beautiful.

See you Monday.