This weekend, think before you drink

Contrary to what advertisers might say, a few beers and the beach aren't always a good mix.

We all love to get outdoors and have a little fun in the sun. But if you take along a little spirit refreshment, you might be inviting trouble.

According to provincial research, alcohol is a contributing factor in 25% of all deaths involving injury in B.C., with the highest number occurring in the months of July and August.

Spending time in the sun and on the water can accelerate intoxication. Alcohol and potentially risky or dangerous activity especially don’t mix: In B.C., 48 people die and 160 are hospitalized with injuries on average each year due to water activities and of those, 42% are alcohol-related.

Driving any type of motor vehicle while intoxicated – whether on the road, on the water or on a trail – is illegal and can have deadly consequences. According to ICBC, nearly half of all of B.C.’s impaired driving fatalities happen during the summer months (June to September).

If you’re planning to imbibe, know your limits, socialize in a safe environment, arrange alternate transportation and use your best judgment to keep yourself and all those around you safe this summer.

Stay safe — Osoyoos loves having you around.


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