April 17, 2024


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49ers news: Deebo Samuel still wants to be traded

49ers news: Deebo Samuel still wants to be traded

We didn’t hear much about Deebo after the first day of NFL Projectbut according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, nothing has changed on that front.

“It looks like he’s still going, he still wants to be traded despite getting through the draft,” Fowler said on SportsCenter. “But he knows this might be a long wait now that 49ers Didn’t do a deal.

Maybe they can try to repair the relationship. I strained. The 49 people would like that to happen… but for now, he still wants to be traded.”

This is all well and good, but there’s not much Deebo can do to make it happen at the moment. There’s a reason he announced his trade order before the draft – this was his last and best chance to move on this season. Now that that hasn’t happened, the 49ers have no incentive to trade him before the season starts.

The 49ers have months to work with the draft in the rearview mirror.

Kyle Shanahan seemed pretty confident he could do it on Friday.

“We have a great relationship with Deebo. I haven’t seen him much since the season ended. I think it’s a little easier when you’re dealing with people who don’t have screens and phones in front of you and what you guys read wherever he is and what it’s like in most parts of the world. I know my kids. But I’m trying I don’t get caught up in him too much. You know someone, they know you, and when the time comes that you settle down, I hope you’ll settle down more after this draft and things get a little easier. But this isn’t someone we just met. We’ve been here with him for three years. I think we know him well. He knows us very well. And things haven’t been so good for the past couple of months from outside perception. But I see that happens a lot in this league, especially in contract situations. You try not to overreact one way or the other and you try to be patient because emotions can get in the way. You go up with people, especially when you care about people and a lot of riding on them. But that’s what you have to make sure that you don’t interact with. And you have to make sure that when everything is said and done, first of all, you do what’s right for the organization, and second after all What you’re trying to do – try to make a profit for both sides.”

As I wrote last week, the 49 players left behind by Kyle are dependent on the fact that his contacts and relationships with the players will be enough to counteract the cold, tough logic of Parag Marath’s negotiating tactics.

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If they can’t, there is no functional difference between Samuel’s trade now and his transfer sometime before the next season’s trade deadline.

Meanwhile, Deebo can hold his breath and stamp with his feet whatever he wants. This thing won’t be over for a while.