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A US government report points to links between Joao’s L. Sappo and Guzmn in Canada

11/16/2016 El Chapo Guzman Political Culture History / Crime + Investigation

In September 2013, he was dropped by a call from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): Mikhail Goretsky, 46-year-old Canadian, so-called Russian Mike He filled his pockets with money by enlisting the services of one of the world’s most powerful men: Joaquin The சாப்போ Guzman, Founder of the Sinaloa Cardinal.

Korostsky told a court in the Southern District of New York (USA) that an acquaintance at an unfortunate time invited him to take part in the drug trafficking business. The Canadian’s frustration and ambition led him to meet the founder of the Sinaloa cartel.

According to records, in March 2013 he traveled from Toronto (Canada) to Mazatlin, Sinaloa (Mexico), where he was greeted by El Sapo gunmen who drove him blindfolded for about 90 minutes.

Korostsky was received by the Colombians Alex Sifuventus, Then lived in the mountains with Guzman. Spoke to the Colombians Russian Mike She gave him a cell phone to coordinate his plans and drug exports to Canada. Since then, the Sinalovas have baptized it Cobra, An alternative used in the cartel’s encrypted messages.

Defendant promised he had never been in contact with El Chapo, but went for up to 30kg of cocaine belonging to Mexican Kingpin.

Memorandum with Canadian case in 2011, The founder of the Sinaloa cartel sought to expand his drug trafficking operations in Canada because the price of one kilogram of cocaine was higher in Canada than in the United States..

In his statement to the US government, Russian Mike He promised to have a minimal contribution to the transportation of cocoa from Mexico to Canada, for which he received US $ 150,000. His version was presented by Judge Paul A. Crotty refused, and last week sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

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“In the process, he distributed and conspired hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, poisoned enough to destroy countless families and communities.” Said the judge.

Ramiro Ramirez-Barreto convicted of drug trafficking in the United States (Photo: West Tightwater Regional Prison)
Ramiro Ramirez-Barreto convicted of drug trafficking in the United States (Photo: West Tightwater Regional Prison)

When Mikhail Goretsky Sat in the dock to hear his sentence, another operator in North Carolina (USA) Guzman Lora of Joao He was sentenced.

It’s about Mexican Ramiro Ramirez Barreto, 44, was sentenced to 33 years in prison in the United States for large-scale distribution of pentanol, heroin and cocaine in Newport News and North Carolina.

This leader and his criminal gang are old and dangerous targets of the US government. He received logistical support from various parties in Asia and from the shores of the Mexican Pacific coast, according to his criminal record.

Ramரres Barreto taught his colleagues the techniques taught by Joaquin Elin workers சாப்போ Guzman was perfected in Sinaloa: They do not send text messages or make calls in the usual way. All of that communication will be done through encrypted messages via WhatsApp or FaceTime on disposable cell phones.

But the Mexican and his operators were identified Operation Cookout, Launched in August 2019 by the DEA, which arrested 35 offenders. Through SMS messages and cell phone calls that hitmen boast about their earnings, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was able to track them down.

The charges against the 44-year-old Narco indicate that he coordinated the drug route from Asia to Mexico. The Modus operandi It introduced the pioneers Mexico from Shanghai to Fenton by traditional mail.

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Once upon a time in the country, Ramores Barreto’s cell processed products from pharmaceutical laboratories on the Mexican Pacific coast. Once the medicine was ready, they embarked on a voyage to the northern border of Mexico, which was sent to the states , Texas, North Carolina and Virginia, In the United States.

The operation was discovered beyond the location of Ramரres Barreto and his criminal cell. In the midst of the 2020 epidemic, the formula did not stop at Fentanyl, which follows the Shanghai-Pacific-Mexico route. Journalist Oscar Balderas The DEA cited evidence that revealed that the opioid trade had never been stopped because of a corona virus infection, or because of the arrest of Ramores Barreto and his criminal cell.

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