June 15, 2024


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Alternative entertainment experience in Canada

We all know the most common forms of entertainment that are available everywhere, like going to a theater, enjoying a concert, staying at home with a streaming platform and many others. However, Canada has much more to offer and if you are interested in an alternative entertainment experience in this country, here is your guide through the world of fun.

Canadian drive-ins

It’s probably difficult to find a person who has never heard about a drive-in theater. They are mostly associated with the United States as it’s the place of their origin. The first drive-ins are dated back to the 1910s, but the very first one with a patent was opened in 1933. Why the idea to create a movie theater where people would sit in their cars instead of regular seats? Surprisingly, the main reason was not to create a romantic space where all viewers could experience privacy while watching a movie. Although a perfect date spot, the first patented drive-in was created by Richard Hollingshead for his mother, who had some trouble fitting in the regular movie theaters’ seats.

The first drive-ins were advertised as places ideal for all, including families with noisy children. The whole history of drive-ins in the U.S. is quite interesting, especially during the time of the oil crisis in the 70s when the open-space theaters shifted from family-friendly repertoire to attracting a more diversified audience.

Currently, the United States is the country where you can find the greatest number of drive-ins in the world, but Canada is just at a second place. There are 43 remaining and operating drive-in theaters within the Canadian borders, and about eighteen of them are located only in the province of Ontario. Although the history of such places dates back to 1946, long after the first open-space movie theater was opened in the U.S., they are still worth visiting.

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The major revival of the drive-ins across Canada took place during the pandemic. As the regular movie theaters were closed and this type of entertainment unavailable, people shifted to the open-space options, as they were much safer. Hidden in your own car, you could still enjoy the atmosphere and all that goes with watching a movie on a big screen. There is no surprise that drive-ins are still a popular form of entertainment in North America.

What Canada has to offer

Canada is not only about drive-ins. There are numerous other activities that everyone can enjoy, from the citizens of all the provinces to the visitors. A great way to spend time in Canada, especially when the weather is not in your favor, is to play in one of the Canadian real money casinos. Just like in the case of drive-ins, it’s not about regular ones. You can easily choose an alternative version, the online one. You only need to stay safe and focused and choose only the tried-and-tested platforms that are listed on secure sites like VegasSlotsOnline. Pick a casino, decide on a game, register and feel the atmosphere of the real casino from any place in Canada. It has never been easier. Once you earn enough money, you can enjoy other alternative forms of entertainment Canada has to offer.

This country is the place where you can try and do all those things you couldn’t find anywhere else. Why visit museums, go to concerts or watch a movie when you can go on a polar bear safari? There are canoes waiting for you, and numerous opportunities to try bungee jumping or whale watching trips. You can try it all out when visiting Canada or as its resident who is bored with the conventional forms of entertainment everyone else seems to enjoy. Go skiing, visit Niagara Falls, climb the mountains and do much more. Whether you are a tourist or a citizen, explore Canada and experience it to the core with the forms of entertainment that are deeply rooted in the culture.

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In the end, it’s worth reminding that the Canadian entertainment industry is thriving, and once you get tired of all these alternative forms of entertainment, you can go to a concert or say home and watch some Canadian films. It will be an equally fun and exciting experience.