February 26, 2024


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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens

Andrew Berry at Baker Mayfield: We don’t feel pressured to rush into anything

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have brown Deshaun Watson.

have brown Jacobi Brisset.

And the Browns have Baker Mayfield.

At least for now, that seems to be the way it will stay. Brown says they agree.

Coach Kevin Stefansky said on Monday that Cleveland would like some closure To put it together with Mayfield at some point. But on Tuesday, general manager Andrew Perry told reporters at the league’s annual meeting that Brown’s team is in no hurry to dump the 2018 No. 1 overall pick.

“I wouldn’t say that we have QB . room specific schedulePerry said, via Zach Jackson of TheAthletic.com. “Baker is a professional, he is a contractor, and we have [cap] Flexibility whether it is on the menu or not. So we don’t feel pressured to rush into anything suboptimal.”

It is said that Cleveland Don’t look for a first-round draft pick In exchange for Mayfield – which makes sense, because there is little or no chance the club will get one. Perry was asked about the possibility of the Browns paying some of Mayfield’s $18.8 million guaranteed salary or waiving the draft selection as part of the Commercial Bank of Qatar deal. But Perry said he did not want to get into that kind of speculation.

“The truth is that quarterbacks are valuable,” Berry said. “Baker is a good player and you can’t get enough good players on your roster. We’ve already planned to make it work and we’ll just see how the next few weeks go, the next few months.”

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In the end, Brown will find a solution with Mayfield. Given everything that happened in the 2021 season and now into the 2022 season, it doesn’t seem possible that he will still be on the roster with Watson and Brissett. But Browns aren’t changing their public stance, even as unofficial demand for a quarterback with the draft stalls a month later.

“I think when we look at the QB room, we have three very good players in the most important position in the sport,” said Berry. “It doesn’t mean there aren’t things we’ll be working on over the next several months, but I don’t consider it a bad case at all. We feel we have three good players and a lot of teams looking for one man, so don’t mind going deeper there and we’ll take it as it is.” .