July 25, 2024


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Anger in Canada over air party of some ‘influencers’ who ignored Govt rules

Anger in Canada over air party of some ‘influencers’ who ignored Govt rules

The party was staged on December 30 by the group Influencers And a charter flight between Montreal and the Cancun (Mexico) has sparked outrage in Canada following the appearance in Canada of videos of Canadian TV personalities wearing masks on the plane, drinking and smoking.

Canadian authorities have begun an investigation into what happened on a Sunwing company flight that departed from Montreal on December 30 for a Cancun resort in Mexico.

On Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted that he was “extremely frustrated” by the videos initially posted on social media by the protagonists, although they were later removed when the controversy erupted.

Trudeau announced during a press conference, Passengers, Influencers Social networks and participants Realistic shows In the province of Quebec, the flight crew was endangered by “their complete irresponsibility”.

“It was a slap in the face to see how these people are endangering themselves, their fellow citizens and flight attendants as utterly irresponsible,” the Canadian prime minister said, calling on Canadians again to make sacrifices to get out of the five. Wave of virus.

He was stranded in Cancun without a return flight

In the pictures, passengers without masks can be seen dancing in the aisle of the plane, passing bottles of wine, and on at least one occasion, carrying a person on board the plane while it is flying.

James William Avatt, the owner of the company that rented the plane to carry passengers to the six-day event in Cancun, denied that the Covit-19 safety rules or regulations had been violated.

In a tweet on his account, Awad described the incident as “a simple feast on the plane” and asked for time to “understand the situation better.”

But Sunwing reported what happened to the Canadian Ministry of Transport and described the behavior of passengers as “anarchic” and against the rules.

The company has canceled the group’s return flight, which is still in Cancun. Other Canadian airlines have also refused to accept the group on their flights to Canada.

Offenders face prison sentences

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Douglas said on Friday that 27 of the 130 passengers on the controversial flight had returned to Canada. Duclos pointed out that the security forces are in contact with the public health agency for any follow-up. The Montreal newspaper had already reported that at least 15 of them had returned home on Wednesday. Many of them did so on an Air Canada flight, despite a previously announced denial by the company. Air Canada said in a statement that this was due to the fact that it did not receive the passenger list in a timely manner from Sunwing.

Rebecca Saint-Pierre, a member of the travelers still stranded in the Mexican Caribbean, said. Canadian Press Who tested positive on the Govt-19 test this Wednesday and believes at least 30 people in the group have obtained the same result. Rebecca said she won her place on the Cancun trip on the Instagram contest, but “it turned out to be an expensive trip for something to be free.”

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alcabra said passengers violating the country’s air traffic regulations could be fined up to $ 5,000 (approximately $ 3,917). If these passengers are found to have endangered others or provided false information – including imprisonment – the fines may be higher.

Canada is drowning in the fifth wave of the epidemic

Montreal, where the plane took off, is currently one of the epicenters of the epidemic in Canada due to an eruption caused by the Omigron variant. Strict restrictions have been imposed on curfew orders and business activities in the city to control the development of epidemics.

Today, Canadian authorities announced 37,410 new Govt-19 cases and 57 deaths. But experts warn that the actual number of infections is too high as testing services are high, and officials recommend not testing those with symptoms.

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