April 22, 2024


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Apply for one of these 20,600 jobs; There are jobs in Canada and Spain

Sena’s Public Employment Agency (APE) has announced that 20,600 jobs Through its site ape.sena.edu.co.

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There are 20,000 vacancies to work in various fields in Colombia. Business Operations Supervisor, Call Center Consultants, Police, Psychologists, Chefs, Information and Customer Service Assistants, Welders, Production Assistants, Business Consultants, Nursing Assistants, Construction Assistants, Among others. (See list of vacancies by area).

“At Sena, we are committed to combining the human talents of Colombians with opportunities, which is why we were able to manage over 400,000 jobs (new jobs) in Colombia by 2021 through our public employment agency and provide professional guidance to many more. More than a million people are looking for work,” the company said in a statement. Said Margarita Giraldo Correa, co-ordinator of the employment agency (c).

600 vacancies internationally

Key profiles: Physicians, Partners, Floor Installers, Construction Painters, Crane Operators and Heavy Construction Equipment.

These jobs are available until the number of applicants who have applied has been filled. Job seekers interested in participating in international invitations must be of legal age and have a valid passport and meet the requirements of the employer.

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Individuals wishing to apply must comply with 100% of the requirements requested by the companies and may do so through the virtual application of the Public Employment Agency, In the ‘People’ section, ‘Calls for employment abroad’ (Click here).

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Sena’s Transnational Public Employment Agency carries out labor intermediation processes with foreign companies that require Colombian manpower. In this sense, companies hiring Colombian employees should go through a legal verification process, which is carried out by the APE with the support of relevant government and national agencies, which determine the reliability of job placement by the company.