December 9, 2021


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Army Employment | Jobs for Colombians in Canada – Economics

Thinking of unemployed people living outside the country, the public placement agency Army Created a job for everyone with a car repair (car repair) facility Canada.

Working in Montreal 40 hours a week, with a schedule from Monday to Saturday. Although this does not require a military card or knowledge of personnel management, 96 months of experience in the field is important.

Salary is in between 8.000.000 And this 10.000.000 Colombian pesos, basic salary and full time available.

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Must have skills such as punctuality, discipline, responsibility, agility, resourcefulness, manual skills, excellence in teamwork, learning and new processes.

To qualify for this job position, it is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of the behavior, application and management of welding in business. Brass products.

You also need to know how to handle the equipment and tools for this task.

Work activities

– Inspect tinned vehicles.

– Sanding and polishing repaired surfaces using hand or machine tools.

Ladoneria labor concession on SENA vehicles

– Straighten curved structures using the necessary equipment.

– Hammer teeth and other defects using blocks, hammers or other tools.

– Operate brazing welding equipment.

– Remove damaged fenders, panels and grills using a wrench, torch and bolt cutter.

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– Repairing or replacing interior parts such as seats, floor insulators and rugs.

– Assess, evaluate and inspect damage to vehicles, report repair costs and plan work to be done.

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– Repair or replacement of front and rear parts, doors, frame and interior components.

– Review the damage report and repair cost estimates and plan the work to be done.

– Separation of damaged areas.

– Inspect repaired vehicles and test drive vehicles for proper handling.

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– Recent experience and more 96 months in the area.

– Licenses:
-B1: Includes automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, vans, four-engine vehicles and minibuses.
-B2: There are trucks, buses and vans for private service.
-B3: Includes transparent private vehicles or truck tractors.

– Must have a Bachelor of Education degree.

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– have carried out the following studies Army:
– Brass products
-Latonería – Chapistero – sheet metal worker.
– Vehicle brassware.
-High Conflict Automatic Brass Materials.
-Vehicle brass repair of minor damage.

Since it is more than that, it is important to apply for this job in advance 100 candidates To interview.

To access the vacancy, follow the steps on the page:


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