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Asterix and Tintin in more than 4,700 children’s books destroyed in Canada for “crime” indigenous people | International

The cover of Tintin’s book is one of the few works destroyed in Canada for being thought to offend the tribe.Joel Gazette (AFP)

Destroying books is not the exclusive practice of religious fanatics or dictatorial regimes. According to Radio-Canada’s investigation, the Providence School Authority, which is responsible for the administration of 30 Catholic and French language schools in the southwestern Canadian province of Ontario, burned or sent more than 4,700 works from its libraries for recycling. Officials at the school authority pointed out that its contents were “outdated and inappropriate.” Negative stereotypes of Canadian indigenous peoples. They promised that the decision made in these books would be part of an effort to promote reconciliation with these people.

The public channel had access to the document that caused the deleted titles and the triggers. The work was carried out by members of the School Commission and a group of “Native Comrades”. The panel found that these books, among other things, showed false historical accounts, racist and discriminatory images, and disrespectful conduct of gender and cultural practices. He also removed There are words like “Indian” and “Eskimo”., Has been considered a disgrace for many years. Destroyed works include copies of Asterix and Tintin, encyclopedias aimed at children, novels and short stories. In total, 155 different topics failed the group tests.

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Most of the books were sent for recycling, but some were burned by flames. A video obtained by Radio-Canada also shows a ceremony held in 2019, where after the fire, the ashes of these works were used as fertilizer for planting a tree, thus saying, “Turn the negative into positive.” The author of the post is Susie Keys, a member of the Review Committee and referred to as the “Defender of Indigenous Knowledge”. Similar ceremonies were planned at various schools, but the epidemic stopped.

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The Ontario Ministry of Education said in a statement that after the news was echoed, it was the responsibility of each school authority to select works in libraries. Statistics on education and culture have spoken of the destruction of these books. Quebec journalist and writer Andre Noel is one of the first victim writers of his children’s novel. Traffic among the Hurons (Released 20 years ago) Added to group list. Noel wrote on Twitter: “Its devastation amazes me and I see more of it.” What happened in Ontario’s school libraries is debatable, but this controversy may divert and marginalize the main problems of tribal groups. Difficulty in getting drinking water in some reserves And regional claims. It should be noted that some of the deleted works were written by local writers. Also, through social networks, ethnographer Isabel Picard (from the Huron-Ventat people) addressed Susie Keys: “Dear woman, reconciliation, it certainly won’t happen like that.”

News of the catastrophic fate of these books came out in the middle of the federal election campaign. Reconciliation with the tribal people is an important component of party rallies and platforms. The discovery in recent months is worth remembering More than 1,200 unmarked graves on the grounds of former boarding schools for tribal children; An invention that shook the country. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole said Tuesday: “It is possible to dispose of books and comics without burning them, but you must have a respectful approach to issues related to reconciliation and our history.”

Justin Trudeau, caretaker Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Said on the same day: “Personally, I have never been in favor of burning books,” he added, adding that “neither I nor non-tribals know how the tribesmen should feel or act to advance this issue. Reconciliation”. This Wednesday, the Canadian media released information questioning the native roots of Susie Keys, which she has underlined for decades. Assigning indigenous identity to gain certain benefits is something that has been condemned in various fields by members of these communities. This Wednesday, after a media frenzy, the Providence School Commission announced that it was suspending the process of evaluating 200 more works. As for information about the origin of Susie Keys, the company said he accepted it when he said he had an aboriginal descent. Keys has been one of the leaders of the Liberal Party’s Tribal Commission for Canada since October 2017. He resigned from the post on Wednesday afternoon.

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