July 25, 2024


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ATP CUP Spain VS Canada, for the title of survivor in 2020

ATP CUP Spain VS Canada, for the title of survivor in 2020

Spain will play for the second time in the final of the ATP Cup this Sunday (07:30, #Vamos), with the aim of finally releasing their record in this young tournament The national team performed wellSecond place in 2020, after Djokovic’s defeat to Serbia, semi – finals in 2021. Competitor Canada. Pablo Carreno will face Shapovalov (4-1 so far) in the first leg and Roberto Batista, Agar-Aliasimil (1-2), At the same time the combination of doubles depends on the outcome of those matches.

The man from Gijón and the man from Castellon are both unbeaten (4-0) and their performance was excellent, Especially in the Navy’s Number One case, he was able to beat three top-20 (Carin (17th)), Root (8th) and Harrocks (9th). “We need to focus on ourselves. If Pablo and I play well and feel good on the pitch, we can win our games, and that’s our philosophy for the rest of this week.“Everyone on the Spanish team tried to work hard with the pre-season plan to improve things,” Batista explains. And then it’s very good that those accidents that you insist on come out. I really appreciate the position I am making on this week’s track. If we continue at that level, we will have our options. It is not over. We are going to give everything, ”he warns.

Carreno, for his part, is very happy with his progress, from less to more: “I’m feeling good because I’m not resting at all. I’m playing serious games to win as soon as possible. It’s important to continue this dynamic.” The Asturian national team exemplifies the ruling harmony: “We have been living in an atmosphere of good vibes and companionship of team matches for many years. We hope so.

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He also argues that this is the secret of the national team’s success: “We are lucky to have done a good job of attracting Spanish tennis players. We have one of the best players in history, Rafa (Nadal), but behind him are young players like Roberto (Batista), Ramos or myself, algor ,s, Davidovic, although sometimes he is not given the qualifications he deserves. Doubles players like Pedro (Martínez), and Marcel (Granollers) are another important loss for us. It makes us very competitive in matches like this, and if Robber plays at the level he does, we are very dangerous ”.

For their part, the Canadian players recognize that Spain is the toughest enemy. Shapovalov talks about Kareno: “Yes, he’s a great player, he’s very solid. He likes tough courts, orders and works well. So he’s a very difficult guy to deal with. ” And Agar-aliasim of Batista: “He was always a tough enemy. You know, he was very consistent throughout his life. His condition rarely decreases, so I have to be prepared to do what I can.