June 15, 2024


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Batista and Soribus say goodbye to Canada in the quarterfinals

Madrid, 13 Aug. (Europa Press) –

Spanish tennis player Roberto Batista fell to American Reilly Opelka in the quarterfinals of the Toronto tournament, the fifth Masters of the ATP season 1,000, and the same Spanish player Sarah Sorbes was eliminated in the same round in Montreal.

Batista, who came from combining two good wins, was particularly affected by the American gunner in the previous round, especially in the first set against Diego Swartzman, who lifted three points. Castellan did not enter the match properly and Opelka hit his sleeve with a good serve and dominating right.

In half an hour the Spanish were already down, but he knew how to enter the fight. Batista won his service across the sleeve with the same power as the American and at least forced a sudden death. At the decisive moment, a few drops of rain stopped the game for 10 minutes, and Castell’s player came back very badly.

A bad tie-break knocked out the Spaniards and invited the American to his second Masters 1,000 semifinal with the Greek Stephanos Tsitsipas. The Canadian WTA match in Montreal was without Spanish representation due to Soribes’ defeat against Czech Carolina Bliskova.

WSTA player Castellin, who took the most minutes on the court this season, was unable to force a fight this time and fell without much resistance (6-4, 6-0). The Serribs were 2-4 in the first set, empty before the Czech reaction, with four games in a row and six in the second set.