July 15, 2024


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Bawfu: Sentiment low-fi from Canada

Bawfu: Sentiment low-fi from Canada

Isaiah Faberes is a Canadian singer who started sharing his songs in 2018 under the title. Bawfu. With a label that escapes all sorts of labels, Vancouver’s Native Path combines genres such as hip hop, bedroom pop and punk. Recording and producing melodies from his bedroom, Bawfu quickly became a huge hit, which set him one of the standards of contemporary low-fi sound.

Despite his brief career, the 22-year-old has had the luxury of collaborating with countless artists in various publications. From emerging subsidiaries to his aesthetic current, Saristic Sounds, Rxseboy, Jomie, ivri, and sleep.ing; To world famous people Blinking-182 And beabadoobee. They all come together in the collection of his introduction, Poems of the past (2020)

“I had a lot of fun experimenting with different sounds. I hope everyone can find their favorite song, regardless of whether it’s hip-hop, punk or bedroom pop,” Bawfu said. Poems of the past. And continued: “Some of these songs are based on my past. Some of the love stories I wanted to tell, now the fans are there to give their own interpretation“.

After captivating the minds of the youth with eight songs Some boring love stories Pt. 5 (2020), The Twentieth Artist released this year’s EP Tell me your feelings, I will not say mine (2021): Is a collection of five tracks.

“Expressing your feelings is hard to master. So I’m working hard to figure out when to share mine and what to keep for myself,” Isaiah Faber said of the project. He added: “I have been saving some of these songs for over a year and my fans have been patiently waiting by my side. I’m happy to finally get them out. “

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Watch the video “Snowflake“Listen below Bawfu On streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music)