April 22, 2024


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Best French-speaking Canadian novelist Mary-Claire Blaze has died Culture

From the time his first novel hit the streets in the late 1950s, when he was 19, Canadian Mary-Claire Place (Quebec 1939-Florida, 2021) was singled out as an original and distinctive writer. They called it “wild.” Your contemporary and country girl Margaret Atwood Place’s first novel (Beautiful animal) It fascinated her and made her realize that her writing career was already lagging behind the schedule.

As prosperous as the author of Handmaid story, Blaise’s fame and recognition, however, has been confined to the French-speaking world for decades, however, the teacher, who died yesterday, November 30, at the age of 82, spent his entire adult life in Florida. (USA), has been a Nobel candidate. His most famous work in Canada has been widely researched and regarded as an unforgettable portrait of the difficult life of a family. A season in Emanuel’s life (Drills, 2008).

But of his many literary endeavors, perhaps the most daring was the one he began But still, The first in a series of 10 novels. Those books are his most notable work, first translated into Spanish in 2021 by Random House Literature. Written without dots, the book is based on the character of Renata, the mother of a family with a history of extreme poverty, but she marries a wealthy man. In an interview with EL PAÍS According to the book, the author confirmed that she was inspired by the many women she had met in her life, “not taking her freedom as an end in itself, but trying to find her own form of freedom.”

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Laval trained at the university and was celebrated as “a genius” Critic Edmund Wilson, The person who sponsored her for a Kugenheim Fellowship, among others, was an inspiring person to the French. Emmanuel Carrere. Place has published more than 40 articles, fiction, poems and plays, including the latest article on Donald Trump and the final installment, 11th, in his series, which he said could be read as a completely separate book. Blaze was an associate of the American painter Mary Makes, who died in 2002, and won the Medicis Award, among other things.

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