July 24, 2024


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Blue Jays is getting permission from Canada to return to play in Toronto from July 30th

Blue Jays is getting permission from Canada to return to play in Toronto from July 30th

TORONTO – The Toronto Blue Jays went on Friday from the Canadian government to play in Toronto later this month.

The Major League Baseball Club has been exempted from border controls imposed by Canada due to the epidemic and will return home from July 30.

Blue Jays asked the federal government to allow Rogers to return to the center from July 30, and they wanted a response by Friday.

“After two years, the Toronto Blue Zeus will finally return to Canada until July 30,” the group said in a statement. “The club has received a national interest waiver from the federal government, which allows it to play Major League Baseball games at the Rogers Center, which enforces solid health regulations.”

During the 2020 campaign, shortened by the epidemic, the Blue Zeus played their home matches in Buffalo, New York. They started this season before returning to the buffalo in Dunedin, Florida.

In light of the frequent trip to the United States during the baseball season, the Canadian government did not allow the team to play in Toronto due to the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

“There is no place like home,” Blue Jays tweeted.

Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said the decision was made in conjunction with the country’s public health agency and with the approval of provincial and municipal officials.

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Mendicino commented that there are significant limitations for persons not mentioned in the plan, “those subject to modified isolation will not be allowed to go anywhere other than the hotel or stadium, and they will not interact with the general public.”

He said each team will have an officer who oversees compliance with the rules.

“Anyone who violates the strict conditions will have their exemptions revoked and may be subject to fines or charges under the Isolation Act,” he warned.

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week that such restrictions could be lifted in mid-August, the US-Canada border has been closed for non-essential travel.

Exemption is required for players and staff who have not yet been vaccinated to participate in a sport in Major League Baseball Canada. As of this month, players who are fully vaccinated and have a valid work permit are not required to serve 14 days of isolation upon entry into Canadian territory, but some teams have not yet registered. Vaccinated.

The last time Blue Jazz played at the Rogers Center with a capacity of 49,000 was on September 29, 2019, in an 8-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.