January 28, 2023


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Canada: A young man who wanted to give money to a homeless man, fell in love with him and got married | Jasmine Krogan | McCauley Murci | NMR | The world

Young Jasmine Crogan lived a movie romance. She was shopping at a supermarket when she saw a homeless man She took the money from her wallet to give to him, but he refused to take it.

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She never thought that the first meeting would change her life two years later. That’s that man, name McCauley Murci, He refused to take the money, but he did not forget about her, and when he saw her leaving the supermarket with his heavy bags he offered to help her.

According to , Both Canadians immediately attacked it. Both are now married and have two children. She shared her extraordinary love story on TikTok and other social networks.

“One day I met a homeless man when I went to the grocery store. I gave him money but he did not accept it. I went in and did my thing, but I could not stop thinking about him. “Described In its history.

After the help offered, the two started chatting and the young lady asked him if he wanted something to eat, he was a little shy and accepted and they went to dinner. They talked a lot during the meal and she decided to buy him a cell phone to stay in touch.

“There was something different about him. I took him to a hotel and went home. We were in touch“, He pointed out.

“We fell in love immediately. I knew he was for me.” He added. Life changed for him following that.

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Krogan said Murci shaved his beard, did a dental implant and did a good job. They have not parted since.

For months, McCauley proposed to Jasmine, who now has two children. “We are so happy that our paths have been crossed and we hope that everything will happen for a reason.Jasmine finished.

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