April 22, 2024


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Canada announces border opening dates for vaccinated people, first from the United States and then from the rest of the world | The world

The Canadian government announced on August 9 that it would reopen its borders for fully vaccinated Americans and on September 7 for immunizations from around the world.

Boundaries of Closed for non-essential trips from March 18, 2020 due to corona virus infection.

To enter the country, travelers must have received two doses of the Health Canada approved vaccine at least 14 days in advance and be asymptomatic.

“Major border changes will take effect from August 9 to allow fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents living in the United States to enter Canada for non-essential reasons,” Canadian Health Minister Patti Hajdu told a news conference.

for now, It does not involve itself in a mutually open position. “We are constantly reviewing our travel restrictions,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki, who said they were following the advice of their “own medical experts.”

The government of Justin Trudeau, which has been under pressure in recent weeks by the Department of Tourism to remove restrictions in a country where the vaccine is well advanced, also announced a full opening for September.

Following the scheduled opening of the border between Canada and the United States on August 9, Dominique LeBlanc announced that “we will reopen our border if we meet the entry conditions for fully vaccinated travelers from any country.”

According to government figures released on Monday, 75% of Canadian residents have already received the first dose, and one in two is fully immunized.