May 30, 2024


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Canada apologizes to military for sexual abuse | Anita Anand | The world

Government of He officially apologized this Monday to military personnel and Defense Ministry employees who have been sexually abused, harassed and discriminated against by the country’s Armed Forces officers due to the company’s inability. “Protect and protect“To its own members.

New Defense Minister Canada, Anita Anand, along with General Wayne Ire, General Staff and Deputy Minister Jodi Thomas were in charge of apologizing.

Anand said in a live televised interview on Facebook that he had apologized to the armed forces for “successive governments’ failure to eradicate sexual violence, sexual harassment or discrimination based on gender, gender identity and sexual orientation”.

About 19,000 people, 60% of them women, have officially reported being sexually abused during their service. These statements are part of a class action lawsuit filed against the Canadian government.

Before Anand apologized on behalf of the Government of Canada, in a strange act, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to allow him to apologize for the abuse suffered by military personnel, although he said it was important. Canadian authorities support victims.

In 2015, a report prepared by Mary Deschamps, a former Canadian Supreme Court judge, condemned the “toxic culture” against the country’s armed forces, especially women and homosexuals.

In January of this year, General Jonathan Vance, the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces, resigned amid allegations that he had illicit relations with two deputy officers.

He was forced to resign on February 25, a month after Admiral Art McDonald took office, and the Defense Ministry launched another investigation into the military’s sexual abuse.

In March 2021, Lt. Col. Eleanor Taylor, one of the most important women in Canada’s Armed Forces, decided to leave the Army, rejecting what she called the “power of sexual exploitation” of women in the Armed Forces.

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