April 22, 2024


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Canada champion in women’s football at Tokyo 2020

By SABÁS Hernandez

Soccer presented Mexico with its fourth bronze medal at the Olympics.

In the sweet match at Saidama, the trinity reflected 3-1 in Japan’s over.

Sebastian Cordova penalty at 13, and a pair of titles by Johan Vasquez and Alexis Vega, in consistent tactics, gave the Mexican team the right to stage in Tokyo 2020; Kaoru Mitoma was dismissed at 78 at the Japanese.

Mexico had a five-goal lead before the Japanese got a tough reaction, in which they ran twice for Guillermo Ochoa, which was another extraordinary performance.

In the tricolor team match it fixed bug fixes: the lower zone always crossed the line, insisting that it had to go out with the restricted ball unlike the previous time, while the Japanese did not give the team a meter for long strokes on the back of the Centrals, sometimes forward Henry Martin with a control Seemed like.

The first goal fell after a genius from Vega, who removed two markers and inflicted an endo penalty. Unlike the penalty against the South right Koreans, Cordova scored with a left foot shot.

The second goal fell at the crossbar of Cர்டrdoba and a superb move by Vasquez, who scored on Endo’s back, a reasonable goal for El Tree’s best defender during the Olympics.

Alexis, the best

Tokyo also provided Alexis, the best of the entire tournament. At the height of the penalty spot, one of the Shivas only entered a corner kick action and finished the Japanese on a dry header. At the time he was celebrating with Linus as he walked to the bench to be treated for a left ankle injury.

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The match could end up being 5-0, and the end could not be as surprising as 3-3. After a superb pass from Uriel Antuna Charlie Rodriguez at first, Sebas Cordova only faced the frame, then Henry made a resurrection and left foot shot wide.

Japan was bold in its reaction. He demanded Memo Ochoa twice, and on two other occasions he left him with no choice, but this time he looked at Mexico and, like the shot Mitoma took, threw the ball inch from the right after taking it from the middle of the team. .

The era of Jaime Lozano is over. El Tri erupted in delight. The bronze was brought home to Kubo’s tears. A review after the group stage match, but after the 1968 game the Japanese snatched third place from host Mexico.

This is the 73rd medal in the country, the second medal for football contributors, leaving Tokyo 2020 today with a bronze on its head and neck.