December 4, 2022


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Canada dominates the Bermuda GB, while Spain does not turn its travels around profitably

LA SailGP Season 3F1 of the candle, launched Bermuda On his first day a The prudent performance of the Spanish teamWith Canadian dominance in qualifying (in his first tour appearance) and two wins England In the first three races held in the Atlantic Ocean, there was not much strong wind.

Spain, with Jordi xammar Driver in his second race (after the first scene in San Francisco at the end of the previous campaign) and Australian Jack Lilly As a grinder to replace John Cardona (who injured his hand after a bicycle accident), he was unable to execute three good starts. He started every race in second place, but fell in the end Fifth, fourth and ninth place Respectively.

CocksAs they are popularly known on the circuit, they are eighth overall until two races end on Sunday. Bermuda GP. Canada, with New Zealanders Bill Robertson As a driver (he worked at the Spanish F50 Victoria last season), he made an excellent debut on the circuit. He is currently leading the Grand Prix. Swiss, With Sebastien Schneider at the wheel, also made his debut in Bermuda. For now, blame the coming out and go last.

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