July 25, 2024


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Canada is set to deliver the 17.7 million dose of the estrogen vaccine

Canada is set to deliver the 17.7 million dose of the estrogen vaccine

Canada Announced a donation of 17.7 million doses this Monday Vaccine Astrogeneca Against COVID-19 They remain in the North American country and will be distributed through the program Kovacs World Health Organization (WHO).

International Development Ministers Kareena Gold and Public Procurement Minister Anita Anand said the government was matching donations by Canadians to the vaccine campaign. Govt19 Maximum Canadian $ 10 million (US $ 8 million) from UNICEF.

Canada C has already made $ 440 million (US $ 353 million) for this project Kovacs – Promoted by WHO and Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI) – seeks to guarantee global and equitable access to anticoagulant drugs.

When the donation was announced 79% of Canadians have already received at least one dose of the vaccine Against the virus and 55% have complete guidelines.

Anand told a news conference that the 17.7 million dose donation came from an advanced purchase agreement Canada I am coming Astrogeneca At the beginning of the epidemic and in the country is no longer needed.

Anand said the quantities would be manufactured in the United States and begin distribution in the coming weeks, without specifying the date or the countries where they will be charged.

With controversy

At the onset of the infection, Canada 440 million dose vaccines were purchased against Govt19 Although the total population of the country is over 37 million people.

Canada Has so far approved the use of manufactured vaccines in the country Astrogeneca, Pfizer, Moderna Y. Johnson & Johnson.

Canadian authorities have recommended the use of vaccines with messenger RNA technology, which are made by Pfizer and Moderna.

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Said Anand Canada It expects to receive 51 million doses from Pfizer and 44 million doses from Moderna by the end of September.

The main opposition Canada, The Conservative Party (PC), today criticized the donation of the vaccine Astrogeneca, By mentioning that they are a product offered by the authorities of the country “Do not recommend to Canadians“.

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