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CANADA: Justin Trudeau is calling the world early elections 2 years after the last election

CANADA: Justin Trudeau is calling the world early elections 2 years after the last election

Prime Minister of , Early general elections were announced for Sunday, September 20, two years after the previous election, despite the country’s fourth wave of epidemics.

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Trudeau Met with the Governor-General this Sunday Canada, Mary Simon, served as head of state on behalf of the Queen of England and demanded the dissolution of Parliament. In 2019, the Liberals captured 157 of the 338 seats in the lower house of parliament, so in the last two years Trudeau He had to rule over minorities.

Recent polls indicate that the Liberal Party Trudeau Despite experts warning that the unpredictable evolution of the fourth wave of epidemics could cause an electoral turnaround, he is on track to win re-election.

After meeting Simon, Trudeau He appeared before the media in Ottawa and justified the decision Early elections During the epidemics and two years after the last election, despite the opposition parties guaranteeing the survival of their government.

Trudeau He pointed out that the compelling decisions to be taken in the epidemic country and around the world were reason enough to invite Canadians to the polls.

The Liberal leader pointed out “At this crucial moment”Who would not like the opportunity to determine where our country is going from here?

At this crucial juncture, the Acting Prime Minister said the opposition should explain why they think Canadians have no choice.

At the time of the dissolution of Parliament, the Liberals had 155 of the 338 seats in the Lower House, while the Conservative Party (PC) had 119 seats; Quebecus Block (BQ), 32; New Democratic Party (NPD), 24, and Green Party, 2. In addition, 5 delegates were independent and one seat was vacant.

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A poll released Thursday by Abacus Data indicates that the Liberal Party will get 37% of the vote, the PC 28%, the NPD 20% and the Green Party 5%. BQ, given only in the province of Quebec, receives 22% of the vote in the region, up from 5% nationally.

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