May 30, 2024


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Canada prepares for the crucial Rugby World Cup qualifier against Chile at Starlight Stadium

This is the eternal question of continuous mathematical relations. Playing the first game or playing the second home?

World Rugby takes decisions in the game, so it is not under the control of teams because Canada hosts Chile at Starlight Stadium at 5pm today France

The second match will take place next Saturday in Valparaiso, Chile. The loser in the total score will be disqualified. The Canada-Chile winner will qualify as a loser in a group match between the United States and Uruguay. The winners of the US and Uruguay Championships will advance to the World Cup.

“We have to save our lives and want to play again next July,” Canadian coach Kingsley Jones said of the stakes in the playoffs.

At the table, Jones said: “Sometimes a second game is better at home. But we don’t control it. There are experts at home first.”

A large part of it creates a wave of speed, which goes into the second game in the future. Last month did not pay off as expected, with Canada beating St. John’s, NL, 34-21 in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. 59-50 in total score.

“We were in good shape after the home game, but we stumbled on the road,” Jones said.

World No. 21 Canada gets another crowd today against Game 28th seed Chile in Game 1, whose national team is called Los Condors.

“The fans are everything. The St. John’s experience was incredible. They played their part,” Jones said.

“We haven’t played here in a long time, so the perspective of our fans is exciting and we want to make sure they put on a good show and get the right score. Chile is playing passionately, we can.” Let them increase the speed. . “

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Since the event began in 1987, Canada has been seeking to maintain its qualification for the nine World Cup finals. Two years out of the next World Cup is not an unpleasant opportunity. Chile, meanwhile, have never played in a World Cup

“Chile is a very advanced aspect. They are well-trained and have changed the culture,” said Jones, a displaced Welshman and Zach resident.

“They have had some good success recently and are in great shape and come here with confidence. But as we grew up and we spent time together, the boys are very excited about this opportunity. [today]. So travel is a big challenge. But first, this is the first game. We are well prepared. We know there is a lot to build. Our players have worked hard and pushed by great players like Ben Losage, Jack Ilnicki, Kyle Bailey and Lucas Rumble, and the culture here is great.

As for Keys, Jones said, “Chile will consider coming to us when they break up, there is no question about that, so we need to be clean, tidy and tidy at home. If we take care of ourselves and play our own game.” We will be fine. “

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