April 22, 2024


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Canada provides more than 28,000 jobs a month

Government of Mexico, Through the Secretary of Labor and Social Security (STPS), there is a new offer Work For interested Mexican people Work Canada. Privilege has the status of a worker At a seafood factory in the province of New Brunswick near Quebec City. Salary can go in between 28,800 And 32,600 pesos per month.

Salary may vary depending on the minimum wage, according to an offer posted on the Mexican government’s employment portal Quebec. But according to site records, do not worry Canadian SVYYE, the minimum wage in this city has maintained a steady increase in recent years. In addition, employers agree to pay Plane For those who have decided to embark on the journey.

The Work It mainly consists of carrying, unloading, scaling and packing sponge and seafood. What is needed to know how to handle hoppers and related machines used in this type of food processing industry. On the other hand, the Job opportunity It also refers to cleaning tasks to maintain the hygiene of the workplace.

For their part, employers pay in addition to pay: health insurance, access to social security, overtime pay, vacations, vacation breaks, refreshment time and pay contracts. Unit of time. I.e., a contract based on working hours. In this case, the working day would be 40 hours per week. In addition, the employer will assist whoever occupies the vacancy See rent.


People who want to apply They must be over 21 years of age, have at least a high school or vocational education, and have at least one to two years of experience as a seafood factory worker, with command of English, dedication and teamwork skills. Apart from this, it is necessary to comply with the immigration requirements Canada To enter the country.

According to the latest update of the Immigration and Citizenship Portal Canada, Foreigners wishing to enter the country must submit a series of negative Govt-19 PCR tests. There is an exception for those who have been vaccinated with a full schedule of biology approved by the government. CanadianIncluding vaccines from Pfizer-Bioendech and Astrogeneka.

How to apply for a vacancy?

Those interested should apply through the official page of the portal Work (Employment.gob.mx) To do this, they need to create a labor account with full name and email. They can also register on their Facebook or Gmail account. Once they register, they must write Job opportunity In the search engine, click “Apply” and that’s it.

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