May 27, 2024


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Canada: Quebec will implement a health passport from September 1st

Cubs who want to eat at a restaurant, work out at the gym or attend a festival must submit Health passport As of September 1, the Canadian provincial health minister, Christian Dube, made the announcement on Tuesday.

“Our goal with Passport This means not returning to a common prison and, at the same time, avoiding closing our hospitals, “he told a news conference.

Quebec Is the first province of Canada It activates the health passport, which is mandatory for anyone who wants to “access crowded public events and activities with greater communication and socialization”.

The provincial government will have to indicate in the coming weeks the required public form of health passport on paper or electronically available through the free application.

Canada is reopening its land border to some extent

Last Monday, Canada Reopened its land borders to American citizens Who is vaccinated with the complete vaccine and present a negative test COVID-19, 17 months after the border closures for all trips deemed unnecessary.

Canada As of September 7, it has been announced that it will be reopened to travelers from other parts of the world with a complete list of four vaccines approved nationwide: AstroGeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Before entering Canada, U.S. travelers must submit their travel information, including vaccination documents and negative health test results. COVID-19, Using the mobile app to visit. Passengers can submit their information through the website up to 72 hours in advance.

U.S. travelers allowed into the country no longer need to obtain certification COVID-19 At the entry points to the country, it is needed until now.

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(With information from AFP)

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