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Canada records the highest temperature in the middle of a heat wave

Canada records the highest temperature in the middle of a heat wave

The renewed Corona virus cabinet met Sunday night for the first time since the inauguration of a new government, discussing increased testing and law enforcement on Israeli borders and greater efforts to vaccinate Israelis. Teens, but did not add major new restrictions to the public, after the mask order was re-introduced Friday.

The meeting took place amid fears that COVID-19 could re-emerge due to the highly contagious delta variant that is spreading around the world.

The Corona virus cabinet has decided to move towards tougher measures at Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel’s main gateway to the world, and tougher sanctions against travelers who break the isolation.

They also reportedly weighed in on some new measures, including the need for a third negative COVID test for returnees from abroad, the withdrawal of electronic tracking bracelets for those isolated and the reopening of test sites. COVID is directed by Magen David Adom.

In addition to managing delta diversity, the cabinet decided to create better infrastructure to prepare for future mutations of COVID or other viruses. Newcomers Jar Nachman Ash and Ronnie Numa, who will lead the government’s efforts against the corona virus in Ben-Gurion, are working to create a better utility model for isolated people.

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The company decided to do a complete genetic sequencing of the COVID types found in anyone coming to Israel.

Earlier on Sunday, full cabinet ministers ruled that anyone who travels to currently banned countries would be fined 5,000 shekels (1,500) for their high COVID-related illness rate.

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The Corona virus cabinet has discussed different approaches to the current epidemic: an aggressive attempt to eradicate the disease or an attempt to learn to live with it. They seemed to have chosen the latter.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister’s Office reiterated its current focus on “maximum protection for Israeli citizens against the spread of delta diversity, as well as minimal disruption to daily life.”

As of Sunday afternoon, 63 new Govt cases have been confirmed in Israel since midnight, bringing the total to 1,186. The number of hospital admissions rose from 47 on Saturday to 44 on Sunday night, and the number of critically ill fell from 26 to 23.

Passenger Arrival at Ben-Gurion International Airport on June 23, 2021 (Flash 90)

On Sunday, Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Ceci Levy, announced that he was resigning before new Health Minister Nitson Horowitz was appointed head of a new ministry. The chief executive of a ministry is usually appointed personally by a minister, and Levy himself was appointed by Yuli Edelstein when he took office last year.

According to Channel 12, he told Levi Horowitz that he would only stay until his transfer was confirmed. In his resignation letter, Levy told his successor that he would “provide all the training he needed, certainly during this period of the new corona virus infection”. Levy said he was proud of everything the health system did during the corona virus [pandemic] Until now ”, chain report. Horowitz thanked him for “the service he rendered to the country with excellent professionalism.”

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The Ministry of Health on Sunday added both countries to the list of countries with serious COVID travel warnings, but made no changes to the countries where Israelis are banned from visiting.

Along with Uganda, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Namibia, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Tunisia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are among the countries listed as important travel alerts.

Nepal and Maldives have been removed from this list. If the situation in the remaining countries does not improve, they may be added to the list of countries where Israelis are denied entry.

These countries are currently Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico and Russia. Anyone returning to Israel from these countries, including those already vaccinated, must be self-isolated at home for 14 days and fined 5,000 shekels.

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett on Sunday appointed Ronnie Numa to oversee the COVID-19 test at Ben-Gurion Airport and other international intersections, which is widely seen as one of the country’s weak points in reducing the spread of the virus.

“It’s our responsibility to manage this now and look to the future,” Bennett said. “Vaccines don’t always work. There may be variations, next month, next year or now four years, there is no vaccine for this. So, in Israel, there are not a lot of crossings, this is really an island and there is no reason why we can not be protected even without vaccination.

An Israeli woman was vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine on June 24, 2021 at a glycyrrhizal vaccination center in Jerusalem (Jonathan Cindell / Flash 90).

On Sunday morning, Bennett warned the Israelis not to reduce their defenses against the ultra-infectious variant of the Delta.

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“Our approach is simple: maximum protection for Israeli citizens who are less likely to disrupt Israel’s routine and economy,” Bennett told a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. “Masks instead of restrictions. Vaccines instead of prison. The delta variant, as stated, affects 50% more, but we know the vaccine works. It works.

Last week, Bennett said the daily immunity rate had “tripled from 3,000 to 10,000.” Not enough. “Now we want to triple it again and reach 30,000 a day, it’s possible.”

More than 30% of children between the ages of 12 and 15 have been vaccinated or have made an appointment to receive the first vaccine, Ido Hadari, CEO of Maccabi Healthcare Services, told Channel 12 News on Sunday. “We hope we can reach 50% soon,” he said.

In his comments on Sunday, Bennett made a special call to vaccinate teens: “I know how much you want to relax this summer, and you can. I have four children this age; We don’t want to impose restrictions, parties, or travel, or anything. However, precisely for this reason, if you do not want to impose restrictions, do it today and get your chance. Talk to your parents and get vaccinated.