July 15, 2024


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Canada teaches a basketball master class • University Weekly

Canada teaches a basketball master class • University Weekly

At the U16 Women’s Basketball World Cup, Costa Rica received a master class at 25-112 Domo Los Ferrias from Canada.

Between the U16 women’s basketball teams from Costa Rica and Canada, the differences were obvious from every perspective on the Fair Dome in Guanajuato, and the Canadians gave a very comfortable 25-112 floor master class.

In the first five minutes of the game, the Costa Rican team was able to take advantage on three occasions, however, when the Canadians took advantage and hit the accelerator, they made it down and turned the game into a complete goal shot. Or in this case, to the ring of Jessica polyvicini directors. Even from this same room the North Americans tripled what the Nationalists did, because at the end of the first 10 minutes the score was 8-24.

A team in the fourth box of the 59th Ranked FIBA ​​Ranks scored no points on the national team, scoring double points from first-place first-class score, but the North Americans did the same for it and at half-time and the difference between broadcasting the rest of the game on the table and adult content platforms As (15-49).

Nothing changed after the 10 minute break, except that the Canadians were in front of the basket, especially from the painted area and the free throw zone, with the exception of the specials that severely punished Costa Rica (Central Americans were not harsh) they had 21% of their two-point shots and 30% of the Anglo -The Saxons brought the performance percentages to 64 and 72%, respectively). Even the national actors in the third quarter fell without a kind of encouragement, resulting in only two units being able to put up! At the same time the North Americans doubled their lead to 17-86.

At the last minute, the Canadians’ goal was to cross 100 hurdles, and the goal of the Costa Ricans was to make more points and return to the scores of the other quarters, bringing their score to at least 25 points, in the end they achieved and they had to convince themselves that the Canadians would score three points, 110 points. Crossed the point barrier. Another feature that can notice the difference between the two teams is that Lucia McKinsey, who received the best national score, did not give up five points. Only two Canadian players could not make it out of the full list of 12, which was doubled by America’s top scorer Cassandra Prosper.

Brazil will be the last opponent in the group stage where national teams play.

CRC Boot Quinted: Rahul Cortero, Lucia McKinnon, Montserrat Murillo, Maria Alejandra Montero and Shaima James. Also played were Emily Valencia, Valeria Perez, Kenesis Villages, Alia Esco, Amanda Desanti, Priscilla Arias and Kittel Rojas. DT: Jessica Palavicini.

Fifth start Can: Taija Santamaria, Delaney Gip, Cassandra Prosper, Marina Radocaz and Zada ​​Pediago. Also played were Michael Carter, Keira Pemberton, Dana Becker, Lee Robinson, Summer Lee, Rain Malik and Summer Pastock. DT: Cheryl Jean Paul

High points: McKinnon (CRC) 5 points, Prepper (CAN) 24. Domo Los Ferrias, Guanajuato, Mexico. FIFA Americas World Cup 2021.