April 13, 2024


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Canada, USA and Mexico for World Cup, Costa Rica for play-off round

Canada, USA and Mexico for World Cup, Costa Rica for play-off round

CanadaAfter 36 years; United States And Mexico Were classified directly this Sunday North, Central America and the Caribbean Soccer Federation (Concacaf) To him Qatar World Cup 2022When Costa Rica He defended his place in the playoffs against a choice Oceania.

On this thirteenth and final date of the octagonal end Concacaf The Reds celebrated their return World Cup After participating in Mexico ’86, the leaders of the Eliminator and DiCos confirmed their fourth place, giving them a place in the playoffs.

Panama, on the other hand, fell 5-1 to the United States in Orlando and were eliminated on a date from the end of the tie.

Canada returns to the World Cup after 36 years

Qatar defeated Jamaica 4-0 in Canada to qualify for 2022, the second full date in its history, and have not competed since playing in Mexico in 1986.

Chail Lorin, Dajon Buchanan and Jr. Hoylett performed wonderfully in the unequal match played in Toronto, and his dominance was confirmed with a goal from Adrian Mariappa of Jamaica.

The final day of the Concacaf Qualifying Round was played at BMO Field, also known as the National Stadium of Canada.

Tajon Buchanan, the Canadian striker, was recorded this Sunday as he celebrates his goal against Jamaica with a pyre in the air during the Concacaf qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, in Toronto (Canada). EFE / Warren Doda

Costa Rica, ready for Repesca

The players, led by Colombian Luis Fernando Suarez, beat El Salvador 1-2 at Cascadlon to finish fourth, leading to the playoffs.

With goals from Anthony Contreras in the 30th minute and Joel Campbell at the end of the first half, Diego secured their good play.

Mexico for the New World Cup

Edson Alvarez, with a goal in the 70th minute, sealed Mexico’s opening qualifier for the World Cup in Qatar, beating Honduras 0-1, just below the eighth final.

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The competition at the San Pedro Olympic Stadium, like many in the finals, was not as attractive to Gerardo Martino’s men.

Honduras - Mexico
AMDEP8491. SAN PEDRO SULA (HONDURAS), 03/27 / 2022.- Mexican athlete Edson Álvarez (not in the photo) Today, the Qatari World Cup qualifiers between Honduras and Mexico celebrate a goal at the Metropolitan Olympics. Ground (Honduras) in Sula, San Pedro. EFE / Gustavo Amador

The United States is punching Panama

The United States qualified for the World Cup by beating Panama 5-1 to reach 25 points, while Canaleros exited with no choice.

The team, led by Greg Berholder, extended Chelsea striker Christian Pulisic’s goal from the penalty spot in the 17th minute, and extended the lead in the 23rd minute through MLS ‘FC Dallas’ Paul Ariola.

3-0 27 minutes later, in the same first half, it came through Arriola’s teammate Jesus Ferreira at the Texan Club.

The first half of the match ended in a 45 + 4 penalty with a second penalty, and the star of the reigning Champions League champion, Pulick, scored a hat-trick in the 65th minute.

Anibal Kodoi dismissed the Central Americans in the 86th minute.

Carlos Andres Valverde