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Canada ‘World Cup’ plot: “Cities fight for competition”


28/01/2022 –

Canada aims to co-host the 2026 World Cup with the United States and Mexico After the basement in October 2014. The defeat to Honduras (8-1) left them unwilling to go to the World Cup in Brazil and began a 16-match winning streak, dropping them to 122nd in the FIFA rankings. . They have never been as inferior as before … or now (40).

“We are all grateful to be a part of a generation that makes this special moment and history. We are delighted and proud to be the best progressive team in the world. That’s a huge thingKamal Miller told FIFA. Defender was on the ‘Maple Leaf’ team and is leading the Concacaf on the way to the 2022 Qatar World Cup after winning (0-2) in Honduras. They are 19 points ahead of the United States. (18) and Mexico (17), in direct qualifying positions, Panama (14 and in the play-off zone) and Costa Rica (10) five days from the end.

Canada is a sleeping giant. It is a hockey nation, but football is the most played sport and is ready to enter the consciousness of Canadian fans.

John Hertman, Canada coach

Canada regains its place in North America after reaching the final five ways to the World Cup. Throughout the process they are undefeated (they accumulate undefeated in nine consecutive games) and They are on the verge of returning to the 1986 World Cup, which was played only in Mexico. They then went unbeaten in a tough group with France, Hungary and the Soviet Union. After 36 years, they are ready to return to the elite.

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Girl wins

“Canada is a sleeping hero. It is a nation of hockey, but football is the most widely played sport and it is ready to enter the consciousness of Canadian fans. The women’s team is performing well, but the men’s team has not crossed that line. Now it is real“John Hertmann told the BBC the England coach came to the national team in 2018 after winning bronze medals with the women’s team at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He has won 72% of 36 games.

Women have always held the highest position in this country. We strive to reach them, reach their status, and achieve something in what they have achieved

Kamal Miller, Canadian defender

Women have always held the highest position in this country. We strive to reach them, reach their status, and achieve something in what they have achieved“, Details Miller. The glasses of the women’s team that won gold at the last Olympics in Tokyo, a generation with the best championships in Europe populated and a different look.

The Canadian Tower of Babel

“Canada is a country of 40 million people, and it’s time to improve. The combination of these cultures, and the investment in this sport, favored its development, surpassing hockey in licenses.. In addition, we see more Canadian players playing in major European leagues and prominence each season. It adds competitiveness to them. Benito Floro’s position, although the results did not come with him, gave experience, “Ramon Soria Alonso pointed out to MARCA.

Canada is a country of 40 million people, and it took time to improve. It is a country with a lot of settlements, many of them from Latin and African countries, which have brought interest in football.

Ramon Soria Alonso, Edmonton FC Defender

Defender and scout of the Edmonton FC in the Canadian Premier League, he shows how diversity is important to his success. Alfonso Davis, Bayern football player and Canadian star, I was born in a refugee camp in Ghana He returned to Liberia at the age of five after his family left the Civil War. Jonathan David, along with Lily, landed in Canada after being born into a Haitian family in Ligu1’s ‘Gopicchichi’, New York. Canadian all-time top scorer (22 points) is of Jamaican descent from Sail Loren and captain Adiba Hutchinson (more ‘caps’) than Trinidadian footballer. The latter two add to the Besiktas team’s European experience. ), Buchanan (Bruges) …

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An early hit

The process is advanced. “The goal was to be ready for 2026, but there is a generation that allows us to dream of going to Qatar. Every year there is not one Davis or one David, but the country has the potential to continue to improve. Interest and the number of coaches has increased. The level of coaches, management and facilities has improved, especially since the roofs can play year-round, although not all that is needed yet. Cold conditions are everything and for this reason they still have room for improvement in grassroots football, which will not continue to compete due to the weather, ”Soria points out.

The goal was to be ready for 2026, but there is a generation that will allow Canada to dream of going to Qatar.

Ramon Soria Alonso, Edmonton FC Defender

Winter temperatures, which are not above 0 degrees in most parts of the country, have not dampened interest. “People are very excited about the possibility of returning to the World Cup, and there is a lot of hope for them in this generation. Now all the major cities are rushing to host the games and the tickets are selling out fast. An example is playing below zero in Edmonton against Mexico last November. More people filled the stadium! “Alonso said.

“Most footballers have the ability to represent their country at a young age. We are looking for talent, their choice encourages us to reach new heights and move to Europe at a very young age.. There they have a vital experience for Canada, “Hertmann told ESPN. His time.

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