May 30, 2024


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Canadian exporters see solid vision in US |

Exporters Canada See a solid overview of your sales United States, Published a survey Bank of Canada.

“Opportunities for overseas sales, especially for the United States, are certain,” he said.

Canadian exporters with a positive outlook on sales are often tied to technology and U.S. home consumption.

In addition, some Canadian exporters noted American economy It is growing faster than the Canadian economy and recovering from the epidemic.

First, the Bank’s Business Outlook Survey summarizes interviews conducted by the Bank’s regional offices with senior executives of approximately 100 companies selected to reflect the GDP composition of the Canadian business sector.

The survey was conducted by telephone and video conference from 11 to 28 May 2021.

Canadian exporters

Thus, the expected demand trends are driven by how businesses are affected by the epidemic.

About 40% of companies have current sales below pre-epidemic levels.

These companies typically see significant increases in their future sales measurements compared to the very weak levels a year ago.

Many of these businesses are affiliated with certain segments of hospitality, tourism, travel and retail.

Many entrepreneurs expect their sales to fully recover in the next 12 months, and many expect that this will lead to a sharp increase in sales after deregulation.

Although companies hit hard by the epidemic expect an increase in future sales, they do not expect their sales to fully return to pre-epidemic levels in the next 12 months.

These companies often cite international travel restrictions, warnings among consumers to travel or participate in social activities, current online shopping and current long-distance work.

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High demand

The rest of the companies performed well in epidemics.

While most companies expect sales to increase, some expect sales growth to be at a slower pace.

These best-performing companies are linked to or benefit from the natural resources of housing, consumer goods (e.g., food, outdoor sports and recreational equipment), ongoing public spending (especially infrastructure) and digital sales or use. Technology.

Together, the results of two groups of companies suggest:

  • The trend of improved demand.
  • A great extension of recovery.
  • Transition to a more balanced consumption of goods and services.