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Character-inspired "Demonschool" feels like a DS game in the best way ever

Character-inspired “Demonschool” feels like a DS game in the best way ever

The era of unusual high-style games like ghost trickAnd the Zero EscapeAnd the Elite Beat . Agents Unfortunately, it’s long gone — and, oddly enough, it coincides with the demise of the Nintendo DS, a console that encouraged exotic games more than anything else.

But the spirit of DS is still alive – in games like NEO: The world ends with youAnd there is a game coming from Necrosoft and Brandon Sheffield called Satanwhich draws its inspiration from Character And the Shin Megami Tensei Plus Italian horror cinema (why not).

Demonschool is an exhilarating isometric tactic about a demon-infested school where your enemies will range from Yakuza members performing summoning rituals to fellow possessed students. You will play as Fai, the last remaining member of a legendary demon hunting family, on a mission to rid the school of demonic scourge along with your (untouchable) classmates.

The tactics part looks really interesting, we will resort to the official description here so as not to be mistaken:

Satan It is a simplified tactical game where action equals action, decisions can be rolled back, and the fast-paced mechanics take away the traditional gimmick of the genre. Plan each student’s moves at your leisure, then hit the move button and watch it all play out in devastating character-based combos. Destin, a warm-blooded fighter, can strike enemies forward in Namako’s dash, and damage dealers like Faye take advantage of the wings of the shrine guard Knute. Adjust the strategies of homogeneous bosses and unusual battlefields, breaking the tradition of the genre. Unleash special moves to turn the tides to keep the demons at bay – if they reach the back line, the human world will be lost.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?!

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Take a look at these delicious shots (and one gif, because they look really cool):

Demonschool is set to release 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X.

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