April 22, 2024


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Christopher Lloyd is plays Rick Sanchez in the New Season of the Rick and Morty Series

Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in the forever-beloved Back to the Future trilogy, appeared earlier this month as Rick Sanchez in a Rick and Morty promo, and the fans could not be more ecstatic about it.

As you probably already know, Rick and Morty have gone into all sorts of weird places, but this time it’s going live-action. In the trailer that was released earlier this month, we got to see Christopher Lloyd as the alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and Jaeden Martell as Morty Smith, the beloved awkward and shy grandson.

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that “Rick and Morty” is Adult Swim’s most successful series since” South Park.” The hype around this show refuses to die down, rightfully so. From Rick and Morty clothing to Rick and Morty phone cases, this franchise has proven to be a real cash-cow for Adult Swim. There is even a slot game featuring the duo, and online slots like these proved to be very popular among older adults who are usually not the crowd watching Rick and Morty, making the franchise able to reach beyond their usual target audience.

The Public Response

Although some people are hoping that the trailer is some sort of tease for a live-action show Rick and Morty, there’s a chance that it’s only a fun advert put together for the season finale of this masterpiece.

Even if it doesn’t go any further than this small advert, it’s interesting to note just how many responses the public has made on various social media platforms, especially Twitter.

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The original clip of the trailer has over 150.000 likes and has gone viral incredibly quickly. This just shows the power of Rick and Morty and the appeal and interest in making animated characters live-action.

However, we would be lying if we told you that the response to these live-action renditions of Rick and Morty is not mixed. The truth is that there are plenty of fans that believe that there have been much better choices to play the roles, while others are entirely uninterested in seeing the beloved characters in live-action form.

Whether this is just a nifty marketing trick in promoting Rick and Morty’s final season, or it is a genius idea put into action, we can not be more excited to see the beloved scientist and his grandson one more time on our screens, animated or not, it doesn’t really matter.

What Do We Know about the Finale Season of Rick and Morty for Now?

As for now, we do not have a lot of information about the last season of this masterpiece. It is speculated that the previous season will air in the summer of 2022. However, it’s also possible that Adult Swim surprises us with an earlier release, or maybe even switch things up so that episodes are released more sporadically.

No matter which dimension we might be in, one thing we know for sure is that Rick and Morty will be here for the last seasons. Also, Sara Chalke will most likely continue playing both Beth and Space Beth, her maybe-clone counterpart.

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While no season six plot details have been revealed, we live in the hope that future stores will be less like “Rickdependence Spray” and more like “Mortyplicity.” As for now, the season-five finale suggested that things could head in this direction.