April 22, 2024


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Colombia – 3-1: Santos will take homework and qualify in Canada

Santos de Coupஸ்lis took an important step in the Confederations Cup and won the first match against the Forge of Canada after a defeat.

The Natives will close the series next week on their arrival, taking a 3-1 lead in their favor, so they are 90 minutes away from the semi-finals and will advance to the Champions League.

The audience said three false plays that the referee did not allow, but they should have been punished.

In the 5th minute the Canadian team opened the scoring after a very quick match on the right, in which Dico Joshua Navarro went close to the penalty spot for Kyle Becker and scored 0-1.

But the answer came quickly, with Javon East collecting Oswaldo Rodriguez in that area in the 11th minute to score the ball 1-1 with a free kick.

In the 16th minute, with a goal from Christopher Menezes, Santos already turned the scoreboard around.

The play came from the center of Oswaldo Rodriguez on the left, who turned down Forge’s defense and was left to the Menis, who finished on the edge of the area and scored 2-1.

At the age of 51, Douglas Lopez increased the number after a game change from left center Juan Diego Matrix, leaving Oswaldo Rodriguez on the edge of the small area, where Lopez beat the goalkeeper 3-1.

The second leg will take place on Tuesday, November 2 at 6:06 pm in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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