May 30, 2024


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Cuban people protest the sale of Cuban coffee in the Canadian market

Cubans living in Canada Condemned the sale Cupida coffee in Canada, All the characteristics of the original product and brand CIMEX Company, Its export company and Other brands of island products abroad.

They first show up in a video posted on Twitter Coffee bags And critique The double face of the Cuban government, Lurks behind US ban to justify it Lack of medicines, technologies and food In the country, this product can only be purchased Stores in freely convertible currency (MLC) And at a very high price.

In the second tweet, they spoke to the market manager to explain The situation in the Caribbean How it hurts Cuba Dictatorship can sell these inputs abroad, while its ordinary citizens suffer Unprecedented food crisis.

Business woman and business owners are guaranteed to find out more about this topic. The reality of Cuba, So he exchanged Email addresses And other ways to communicate with complainants.

Both publications include 4,500 views. “I have never heard of such an incentive, the best, the most humane and strategic way to weaken the economy of that dictatorship,” said one Internet user. “These are wonderful brothers. They are right, It is not political; That is humanity”Another user commented.

Activist and journalist Cyber ​​Cuba Ileana Hernandez He greeted them with their gesture and said the world needed to know that the money on the island was not enough for hospitals and ambulances, but only for police patrols.

The Activist Cylie Gonzalez He echoed the message and offered to publish the email they sent to the chain owners of the stores on their social networks.

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In October 2020 A similar controversy was unleashed as Cupid coffee was sold in North American markets. $ 0.98 Canadian cents. However, in stores in MLC de Cuba – the manufacturer of the brand – the same coffee price $ 14.45. The Cuban government justified it Duplicates for the original product.

Some of the alleged thefts began to sell first Supermarket chains in the United States, then exported to Canada.

However, CIMEX Company Description At the time, he did not explain one of the basic claims of the Cubans: How expensive is Cupid? In the country where it is produced, up Substandard coffee is sold to the public at wineries, Mix with peas.

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