Rise and Shine, Osoyoos — It’s Wednesday, February 17

Good morning, Osoyoos, it’s Wednesday, February 17. Here’s what you need to know to get your day started.

  • A warm morning will take us to an even warmer afternoon, although we can expect some cloud and maybe a little bit of rain. Showers will continue overnight.
  • Can you smell the spring? Eighteen holes at the Osoyoos Golf and Country Club are open, with another 18 scheduled to open by the end of February or early March. Nine more holes are open at Sonora Dunes.
  • A group of Grade 11 students at Osoyoos Secondary School is in the running for a $70,000 prize and helping the Osoyoos community better understand its water consumption.
  • The B.C. government is planning a $100-million prosperity fund, but the money’s not coming from liquid natural gas revenues.
  • There go another 7,000 Canadian jobs — this time at Bombardier and even though the company had $18.2 billion in revenues last year.
  • As if Canadians are not paying lawyers enough: now we learn a Justice Canada screw-up means its lawyers were overpaid by $50 million over eight years.
  • Pope Francis is wrapping up a visit to Mexico with a visit to the U.S. border, where he’ll pray for migrants who have lost their lives trying to get to the U.S..
  • Here’s a thought: why go by dog sled when you can ride your bike. Even in the Yukon. Even in the dead of winter.
  • Watch your stars: the Latest Nigerian email scam would pay you to help rescue a stranded astronaut get home from space.
  • And finally, this was a practical joke of Jurassic proportions.


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