April 22, 2024


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Election in Canada (no polarization)

Using the positive assessment of the Canadian Voter Administration International spread And the vaccination campaign by his government, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau The so-called early elections for September 20. Of course, polls suggest he is in favor, and when he does not win, he will be able to consolidate a majority government, unlike the electoral process that took place two years ago. First in the 19th century Canada It won the classic Westminster two-party system, with the Liberal Party always competing with the Conservatives. However, unlike United Kingdom, Australia And New ZealandAlready in Canada in the twentieth century, a Labor Party formed by the major unions did not appear, but in the Liberal Party of Progressive Forces, there was continued penance under the current Trudeau government.

Historically, it was William Leon McKenzie King Jr.., A moderately liberal prime minister but highly socially sensitive, he built the most generous Canadian welfare state and social security system. These companies allowed the Trudeau government to better manage the epidemic across Canada and make it one of the most advanced vaccinators on the planet. However, Trudeau is trying to overcome the shadow of his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who has won three consecutive elections. Trudeau Jr. was elected for the first time in 2015, lost a majority in 2019 and is seeking to regain it in this election. Trudeau, led by the main opposition Conservative Party, seems to have adjusted everything to achieve his goal Erin O Tool, Appears to be the lowest in the polls. There is talk of deep discouragement among voters and supporters of the Conservative Party, so a large amount of dissent is expected.

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The most attractive thing is not the peculiarities of the local controversy for power, but, post-election, the Canadian system maintaining enviable growth rates, as well as a stability and civilization not found in the rest of the Western democracies. There is no polarized community or the far right has a significant electoral power United States, France Oh Germany, But not a “left” extremist in Latin American Third World style. Something that deserves our attention. A radical country and government.